Bench Scale and Portable Scale

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Bench scales specially designed for counting applications
Bench scales particularly designed for over/under checkweighing applications
Bench scales specially designed for counting applications
BPA211 compact scale is a cost-effective and easy to operate for basic weighing applications for one-for-all solution and a perfect fit for many applications in dry environments
It is specially designed to weigh materials handled by moving carts, pallet trucks and lift trucks to improve productivity.
The fully-electronic PFA220 floor scale from METTLER TOLEDO gives heavy-duty operations a fast, easy way to get started weighing.
The BSA231/BSA236 for capacities up to 1500 kg, is a complete pallet scale and terminal ideal for goods receiving and shipping departments.
The BUA231/BUA236 floor scale package for industrial weighing up to 1500 kg come bundled with terminals. Short approach ramps for easy loading are also available.
The BFA231/BFA236 floor scale packages for accurate weighing up to 3000 kg come bundled with easy-to-operate terminals for a complete weighing solution tailored to your industrial application.
Attractively priced bench and floor scales for basic weighing applications.
Designed for demanding weighing applications in a variety of industrial environments.
Rugged design for demanding weighing applications in harsh industrial environments