IND570 and IND570xx Weighing Terminals

Performance and Versatility, Delivered

The IND570 is an advanced industrial weighing terminal designed for a broad range of manual and automated weighing applications. The terminal combines flexibility in connectivity and control options with advances in performance verification and secure access to critical process data to provide the measurement accuracy, reliability, efficiency and traceability required today.

Flexible Control Options

Implement customized operator routines to guarantee consistency in manual processes, or allow the IND570s standard applications, fast updating discrete I/O and PLC communication to take control of a process.

Options for a Perfect Fit

Highly versatile in form and function, the IND570 is designed for uncomplicated integration into all kinds of weighing workplaces from simple to sophisticated.

Integrated Performance Monitoring

Ensure your weighing system is running at maximum potential with integrated performance monitoring including Test Manager GWP® for routine test control, user-friendly diagnostics with email alerts and embedded InTouchSM for active equipment monitoring with optional remote support services. 

Ready for Filling and Dosing

The IND570 offers easy-to-configure software routines, discrete I/O, material storage tables and more, to enable accurate control of simple or sophisticated blending, filling and dosing operations.

Safe in Explosive Environments

Bring the versatility of the IND570 terminal into potentially explosive environments. The terminal features global and local approvals for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 2/22 and Division 2.