IND131/IND331 Weighing Terminals

Best Fit Simplifies Terminal Installation

Scale installations are of a number of varieties. The scale can be a tank, a hopper or a weighing platform that requires the weighing terminal to be located inside a control panel, on an operator desk or in a harsh wash-down environment. The IND131/331 terminal family meets this engineering challenge with enclosures that fit every need while simplifying installation.

Flexible Control Options

The ability to connect to a broad variety of fieldbus networks and the internal discrete I/O provide a solution for gain-in-weight (filling), loss-in-weight (dosing) and level indication applications.  These terminals are suitable for use with either AC or 24VDC input power, providing for flexible integration into a variety of industrial applications.

Variety of Housing Styles

Versions are offered for wall/column mounting, DIN rail mounting, panel mounting or as an IP69k junction box for placement near a tank or floor scale.  The rugged stainless steel housing, shallow profile panel-mount display, and easy front access DIN rail version for cabling result in an efficient and flexible solution that fits perfectly into most production environments.

Advanced Calibration and Noise Filtering

For tank applications, step-calibration and CalFREE provide the ability to easily calibrate large vessels with minimal or no test weights.  TraxDSP advanced filtering technology help assures a stable weight signal even in applications where severe vibration may be present.

Global Approvals

With weights & measures, and safety certifications for all major Global markets, the ability to ship equipment using IND131/331 to customers in a variety of locations is provided.  For hazardous area applications Zone 2/22 and Div 2 approvals, including IECEx approval is offered on some models.